Portable – Tony Montana of London (The EP) Download Mp3

Download Tony Montana of London (The EP) by Portable

Download Tony Montana of London (The EP) Mp3

The prolific and entertaining Zeh Nation boss, Portable, unveils his latest and highly anticipated project titled “Tony Montana of London (The EP).”

This mind-blowing EP stands as a testament to Portable’s artistic prowess, showcasing his distinctive musical style and unbridled creativity. Marking an extraordinary solo venture, “Tony Montana of London” is a musical collection where Portable’s signature sound takes center stage.

The EP, adorned with an exquisite absence of features, provides a profound insight into Portable’s musical vision and underscores his commitment to presenting his fans with an unadulterated showcase of his artistry.

Each track within “Tony Montana of London” is a carefully curated piece, a testament to Portable’s musical evolution and his unwavering desire to connect with his audience through his unique sonic expression. Portable, with his unparalleled style, effortlessly guides fans through a sonic landscape that is both immersive and exhilarating.

Let the captivating sounds of the EP transport you into the world of Zeh Nation. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical experience as Portable showcases his prowess once again. Check out the full tracklist below!


Download Portable – Tony Montana of London (The EP) full tracklist below;

  1. Top Chart

  2. Stubborn

  3. Questions

  4. My Way No Be Your Way

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