Joeboy – Body, Soul & Spirit EP (Album) Download Mp3

Download Body, Soul & Spirit EP (Album) by Joeboy

Download Joeboy – Body, Soul & Spirit EP (Album) Mp3

Step into the enchanting world of emPawa Africa artist, Joeboy, as he gracefully unveils his highly anticipated project titled “Body, Soul & Spirit.”

This captivating playlist, comprising 5 exceptional tracks, is a testament to Joeboy’s dedication to his craft. Notably, the artist has chosen to embark on a feature-free experience, allowing his musical prowess to shine unfiltered. This intentional decision showcases Joeboy’s confidence in his individual brilliance and artistic expression.

Immerse yourself in the melodic journey meticulously crafted by the singer. Each track within “Body, Soul & Spirit” is a testament to Joeboy’s musical depth, offering a rich tapestry of body-moving beats, soulful melodies, and spirited rhythms. As a listener, you are invited to indulge in this showcase of musical excellence, appreciating the seamless fusion of emotions and rhythms that define Joeboy’s unique sound.

With no collaborative features, “Body, Soul & Spirit” becomes a personal and intimate experience, allowing fans to connect directly with Joeboy’s artistic vision. As you embark on this auditory adventure, relish in the magic woven into each note and lyric.

Within hours of it’s release, it has surpassed thousands of streams across all the recognized music streaming platforms. However, the body of work also received positive reviews from music critics acknowledging his brilliance, composure and his uniqueness on the project. Go below to listen to the full tracklist!


Download Joeboy – Body, Soul & Spirit EP (Album) Mp3

  1. Only God Can Save Me

  2. 24/7

  3. Telephone

  4. Enemy

  5. Surviving 

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