Iyanya – Once Upon A Cat Album Download Mp3

Download Once Upon A Cat Album by Iyanya

Download Iyanya – Once Upon A Cat Album Mp3

In an exhilarating musical journey, Iyanya, the exceptional artist and songwriter from Made Men Music, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Once Upon a Cat (Album).”

The album, a colossal collection comprising thirteen stellar tracks, is a sonic adventure that captivates from the very first note. Iyanya’s creative genius shines through each composition, creating an immersive experience that transcends genres and resonates with a diverse audienc

The album’s impressive lineup of tracks showcases Iyanya’s ability to navigate through various sounds, infusing each piece with his signature style and musical finesse. A noteworthy feature of this project is Iyanya’s collaboration with emerging talents, including Moonlight Afriqa, T Dollar, Qing Madi, Soundz, Young Duu, and others.

This newly released chart topping album is his 7th studio album and it serves as a follow up to his previously heard album tagged “The 6th Wave Album.” As listeners embark on the auditory journey presented by “Once Upon a Cat (Album),” they are treated to an array of emotions, beats, and melodies. Whether it’s the energetic beats, soul-stirring vocals, or the carefully crafted production, Iyanya’s dedication to his craft is evident throughout.

With this album, Iyanya invites us to embark on a musical journey where each note tells a story, and every beat resonates with the pulse of contemporary Nigerian sound. Check out the full tracklist below!


Download Iyanya – Once Upon A Cat Album Mp3

  1. Attention

  2. Ope Ft. T Dollar

  3. Strong Ft. Myron

  4. Running Ft. M3lon

  5. On Me Ft. Derry Black

  6. Survive Ft. Derry Black

  7. Catching Cold Ft. Soundz

  8. Call Me Baby Ft. Dai Verse

  9. Kiss Me Ft. Moonlight Afriqa

  10. Miracle Ft. Pawzz & Ashidapo

  11. Slowly Ft. Lola Rae & XenaVonn

  12. Sweet Life Ft. Young Duu & Tolibian

  13. WDO Ft. Qing Madi

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